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Photographs by Peter Christopherson
Featuring Jhonn Balance, Massimo & Pierce
Music by Black Sun Productions
Edited by Daniel McKernan

Documentation of a Performacoid Installation featuring Jhonn Balance. This piece is built from polaroid photographs taken by Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson of the magick sex ritual by Black Sun Productions (Massimo & Pierce) featuring Balance as their victim, during their “Plastic Spider Thing 11” performance on the stairs of The North Tower, on August 23, 2002. The performance ‘Plastic Spider Thing’ is a highly moral yet sexually explicit exploration into the relationship between the spider and the fly. The music, “A Well Hung Monk,” by Black Sun Productions is an homage to Jhonn Balance. Radical young artists, fetish club owners and experienced male sex-workers since their teens, Massimo & Pierce had an extensive and ongoing collaboration with Coil. It’s been nearly 10 years now since the performance occurred.

Performed in 2002, UK
Edited in 2008, USA
© 2012, All Rights Reserved