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An interactive video installation featuring Sophia Lamar.

A dark comedic reinterpretation of the classic fortune-telling children’s toy, the Magic 8-Ball. After asking a yes-or-no question, the viewer presses the “H8” button of the piece; Sophia’s floating head appears and reads the viewers their misfortunes in her infamous, humorous, hateful & insulting manner.

Featured in the book THE FUN: Social Practice of Nightlife in NYC published by the Museum of Art & Design.

Special thanks to Burle Avant, Ned Stressen-Reuter, Mikey Lamar and Evan Monster.

OFFFest | Barcelona, Spain | 2012
Kinemastik Intnl Film Fest | St. Julians, Malta | 2011
Bourouina Gallery | Berlin, Germany | 2011
Red Gallery | London, UK | 2011
West Side Gallery | New York, NY | 2008
MIX NYC Experimental Film Fest | New York, NY | 2008